Sion Acoustics Corp

We provide an effective and elegant solution for soundproofing acoustic drums.

“Crystal Booths”
Hexagon series
Models: Basic, Advanced, Pro and Pro XL

“Hexagon Series”

The Crystal Booths are specially designed sound isolation enclosures to create a controlled acoustic environment for various applications within the any interior space, such as recording, broadcasting, or amplification of acoustic drums.

The Crystal Booths are made with highly resistant materials, with a modern and beautiful design, which provides beauty to the spaces, maintaining acoustic insulation. It has 1 complete transparent Polycarbonate panel exclusive providing a wide and panoramic view.

“Acoustic Solutions “

Acoustic solutions for churches can be customized to fit specific requirements in terms of size, design, and acoustic properties. Working with acoustic consultants or specialized manufacturers can help ensure that the booths are tailored to the church's needs and provide optimal sound isolation and quality for different applications.

3D View