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A: Hexagon Basic
New Era Church
Perfect cage

Absolutely love this drum cage. Perfectly priced. And the construction is great YouTube video placeholder
Our experience

My name is David Hernandez and I am the Worship Pastor of our church and I had been doing my research on drum enclosures and when I came across sion acoustics, I thought, this is the future of the drum enclosures. I reached out to Jeorge the owner of Sion Acoustics and it was a very simple process. Jeorge drove to our church in San Diego CA from Massachusetts to customize and build this drum enclosure. Honestly his dedication and work ethic is crazy and it shows in his product, it is well built, the attention to detail is great. Our overall volume is down, which helps preserve our sound system, we can better dial in our drums and our stage is a lot cleaner since we installed. We can see our drummer in our stream now. Honestly as a worshipper and a worship pastor I couldn’t be more happy. This last weekend I had some of our older members really with how it looks and how it sounds and that’s really cool., of course our kids and young folk like it but when you could get your 70 year old members to buy in, you know you’ve done something right.

I just want to say I recommend it if you’re in the market to invest in a drum enclosure.

C: Hexagon Pro
kevin rodriguez
Excellent product

This drum cage is amazing!!! The whole process of purchase was smooth , Jorge the owner was great , gave us a great deal , the customer service was excellent. The cage it’s self is high quality great details and the look it gave our church is amazing, I definitely recommend this to all churches and the fact that it’s over 5k cheaper than other ones, you can’t beat that. I love it !!

Wow!! Excellent craftsmanship. The best I've played in.

Hey folks,

I recently got my hands on the Hexagon Crystal Booths Series, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. I've been around the music scene for quite some time, and never have I stumbled upon a sound isolation booth quite like this.

It's not just about shutting out the noise; these booths are a whole vibe. The design is a fusion of elegance and innovation, and it doesn't just sit in the corner – it becomes a part of your space. The transparent panels are a genius touch, offering a clear view while keeping the sound where it should be.

I've played in a fair share of soundproof enclosures, but none come close to the craftsmanship of the Hexagon Crystal Booths. It's not just a booth; it's a visual statement. Whether you're laying down tracks or rocking out live, these booths brings a new level of acoustic isolation to the game.

I can honestly say, in all my years of playing, I've never been in a booth that's as well-constructed and good-looking as this one. It's like the unicorn of sound isolation – practical, functional, and easy on the eyes.

So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect blend of elegance and innovation for your sound sanctuary, give the Hexagon Crystal Booths Series a shot. Your sound deserves nothing less.

Keep on jamming!